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>>>>>>>best of 2007<<<<<<<

uusitalo / karhunainen / huume

Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti, also known as Uusitalo, Vladislav Delay and Luomo, has created the perfect blend of deep fractured grooves with organic elegance on his latest release, Karhunainen. The album celebrates all of Ripatti's brilliant signature sounds including reverberating beats, treble-kicking clicks, cut-up micro-house grooves with warm echo and delay. Created only with analogue equipment, Karhunainen completely submerges the listener with delicious funky organic bliss.

part 1
part 2

pantha du prince / this bliss / dial

Hendrik Weber, aka Panatha du Prince blew my mind with his first release Diamond Daze and now this techno master has claimed international success with his second release, This Bliss. Pantha du Prince creates richly textured and chiming minimal techno that's lush and darkly beautiful. Pantha du Prince is unique with his approach and is one of my top three favourite techno producers.

asha mp3
saturn strobe mp3

beirut / the flying club cup / ba da bing

The Flying Club Cup is a celebration of theatrical songs that take you through a lavish array of emotions and epic string arrangements. Beirut creates a feeling like you're at some Eastern European festival that's full of swinging ruffled skirts while being surrounded by mugs of frothing beer until the wee hours of the morning. This is an album you'll return to over and over again.


efdemin / efdemin / dial

Another release from my favourite label, Dial. Efdemin will make your heart sing with his softly woven beats and quietly drifting ambient undercurrents.

knocking at the grand mp3
lohn & brot mp3

frank bretschneider / rhythm / raster noton

Bretscheider, co-founder of Raster Noton comes out with his most direct and essential release. Rhythm is an exploration of percussive patterns that slowly strip down the funk to the bare minimum, creating a kind of rhythmic table of elements that is inspiring and mind-blowing to listen to. Minimal at its finest.


paper / as as / states rights records

Husband and wife duo Aaron and Adrienne Snow, currently based in Connecticut release their debut As As. Aaron describes the sound of As As as "poppy krauty trippy floaty funny drummy bassy trippy stuff." To me it's a lush and tranquil first release that I haven't been able to stop listening to. With Andrienne's angelic vocals and Aaron's repetitive shoegazer ambiance it's the perfect album for almost any situation.


apparat / walls / shitkatapult

Apparat's, aka Berlin's Sascha Ring, latest release Walls is a celebrated pop album. This album speaks to me the same way Tom Yorke's solo album did last year. Well constructed songs that vary in emotion and delivery. Apparat's integrated songwriting with modern electronica explores a wide variety of genres. "This record isn't really a focused and conceptual production," says Apparat, "it's more of a last-two-years of Apparat compilation."


burial / untrue / hyperdub

Anonymous UK artist Burial blows me away with his second release, Untrue. Burial surprised me with Untrue as I'm a minimal techno lover at heart and here I find myself back-peddling when I thought I didn't like dubstep or garage. Untrue is a spiritual dark exploration about love and hope coming from the darkest hole. His production and percussive innovation is powerless to resist.


boy is fiction / boy is fiction / list records

Australian artist Boy is Fiction's self-titled debut is not getting the recognition it deserves. His dark ambiance usually starts off with hopeful piano melodies that pluck with your heart-strings, while introducing heavy drum beats layered with delicate guitar fuzz. The sentiment and construction of his tracks will have you going back for repeat listens.


onur özer / kasmir / vacant

Turkish minimal DJ, producer and resident at Fabric, Onur Ozer has finally released his debut album Kasmir. His textured melodic rhythmic tech-house is a dance floor blend of ancient and modern expression. Fans of Alex Under will appreciate this release.


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